2017-2018 Talks in Review

Korean Studies Core University Conference:
Diversity, Identity, and Universality in Global Korea, University of Hawaii at Manoa

The 2017-2018 academic year was packed with conferences and talks! This year, I gave the following presentations:

  • “Ripe for Recruitment: Japanese Firms in Global Information Technology Politics.” Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, San Francisco (September 1, 2017).
  • “Permeable Policymaking: Foreign Firms, Cross-National Coalitions, and Varieties of Sectoral Liberalization in Japan.” Harvard University (October 17, 2017). link
  • “Between Aid and Arms: Japan’s Emerging Approach to Defense Capacity Building.” Annual Japan Studies Association Conference, Honolulu (January 6, 2018).
  • “Globalizing Government-Business Relations: Multinational Corporations and the Japanese Pharmaceutical Market.” Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting, Washington DC (March 23, 2018).
  • “The Shifting Nexus of Economics and Security in Asia.” Korean Studies Core University Conference: Diversity, Identity, and Universality in Global Korea, University of Hawaii at Manoa (April 6, 2018).

I was also invited to give a lecture on “Economics and Security in the Asia-Pacific” at the Joint Foreign Area Officer Phase II Pacific Course in Honolulu on March 16, and I participated as a roundtable panelist at a discussion on “Security Issues on the Korean Peninsula” at the East-West Center on April 27.

International Visitor Leadership Program: Security Issues on the Korean Peninsula, East-West Center, April 27, 2018

I had a great time meeting people and exchanging ideas this year, and I’m looking forward to incorporating some of our great discussions into my writing this summer!

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