@japansocsci is a Twitter account dedicated to bringing together recent social science research on Japan (broadly defined). It was launched in May 2020 to showcase research dealing with Japan from a variety of social science perspectives and to connect the scholarly community working on Japan.

Most of the articles featured on @japansocsci are scraped from relevant databases and websites, such as Web of Science, APSA Preprints, NBER, and SocArXiv. Readers also have an opportunity to suggest articles to be featured. Suggested articles should be research-based (i.e., not opinion pieces) and have been published in the last 3–4 months. Preprints and working papers are also eligible for inclusion if they are posted in a public repository. Authors are welcome to suggest their own work. The editorial team reserves the right to make final decisions about the items that are tweeted. Suggestions will be periodically gathered and added to the existing schedule of tweets, so it may take some time for them to appear on the @japansocsci account.

The inspiration for @japansocsci came from @empiricalchina, though none of the same code was used in the creation process.