Talk: Trust Building in Asia in an Era of Great Power Competition

I was honored to address several hundred attendees of the Victoria Forum on August 30 as part of a panel on Trust Building in Asia in an Era of Great Power Competition. I was joined by Van Jackson (University of Wellington) and Atsushi Sunami (Sasakawa Peace Foundation) for a conversation moderated by Senator Yuen Pau Woo. Our panel addressed topics such as:

  • What is the current state of trust and engagement in the Indo-Pacific? What are the main drivers contributing to mistrust?
  • How do we understand state behavior in Asia? What are the main institutions, blocs, and partnerships in the region? How do we ensure trust-building among these actors?
  • What is the region’s future direction with respect to state-level engagement and trust? How much should we conceptualize regional leadership and governance when determining future scenarios?
  • What role can outsider powers/actors play in the region? International organizations? NGOs?
  • What are the unique strategic features at the sub-national level? Northeast Asia? Southeast Asia? China? Oceania?

The Victoria Forum is co-hosted by The University of Victoria and the Senate of Canada. Its objective is to bring people together to bridge divides in society through constructive and evidence-based conversations.

Watch the video on YouTube

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