Talk: Deepening Canada-Japan-US Relations in the Indo-Pacific

On March 12, 2024, I was invited by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and Simon Fraser University to speak at an event on “Deepening Canada-Japan-US Relations in the Indo-Pacific” in Vancouver, Canada. My comments provided a scene setter for the event by giving an overview of several key themes in Japan’s current foreign policy. I was joined on the panel by Yves Tiberghien (University of British Columbia), Tsuyoshi Kawasaki (Simon Fraser University), Adam Liff (Indiana University/Georgetown University), and Vina Nadjibulla (Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada). It was great to be back in Vancouver again—it had been four years since I last visited to give a talk on “Designing Trade Architecture for the Free and Open Indo-Pacific” in January 2020 at another event hosted by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

A full video of the event is available on YouTube (featured above). You can also watch watch a short excerpt from the Q&A portion of the event below:

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