Talk: South Korea’s Engagement in Regional Space Institutions

It was a pleasure to be able to visit the University of Hawa‘i at Hilo on September 7–8, 2023 to participate in a conference on the rise of South Korea in the international relations of space. The conference gathered together experts from around the region, including Su-Mi Lee, Saadia Pekkanen, Scott Snyder, Tongfi Kim, Jongseok Woo, and Wongjae Hwang. I presented a paper on South Korea’s engagement in regional space institutions, including the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum, the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization, the Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific, and the Regional Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific.

In addition to our private workshop discussions, we participated in a very well-attended in-person public forum on September 7 and an online public forum on September 8. Many thanks to the fantastic leadership of Su-Mi Lee and Saadia Pekkanen in organizing this conference and to the Korean Foundation for its support. The papers from this conference are currently under review at the journal Asian Security.

You can watch the recording of the online public forum on YouTube:

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